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About our Vision

The vision of our team is to provide organic products for achieving healthy land, healthy food and healthy global community. We strive to have more stable  relationships with all our customers around the world.

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About our Mission

Our mission is to produce biological and organic products such as fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides in accordance with international standards for expansion of organic agriculture. we are here not only to meet the needs of farmers but also to improve the human food chain by using the latest science and technology.



What are the advantages of using organic fertilizers?

1-Soil improvement
2-Plants Growth
3-Slow release of Nutrient
4-Full of Nutrient
5-Enviromentally Friendly

Plants Nutrient

Plants Nutrient

1-Non-Mineral Nutrients
2-Mineral Nutrients

Global Organic Pesticides Market

Global Organic Pesticides Market

3-Vegetables fruits
4- Pulsesoilseeds

Be Our Agent or Our Partner

Be Our Agent or Our Partner

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